A ONE-DAY WORKSHOP with Robert Place (artist & researcher - New York - U .S.A.)

In the summer of 1987 while studying an alchemical image, I had an epiphany. In a flash of insight, I realized that the esoteric symbolism of alchemy was interchangeable with the symbols contained in the Tarot trumps. If this is true, I asked myself, then isn’t it also true that the Tarot is an expression of the same spiritual quest? The answer came to me as a revelation of the alchemical message in the Tarot, and although it lasted only minutes, it led me on an eight-year journey that culminated in the creation of the Alchemical Tarot.
In this workshop I will illuminate that revelation, examine the alchemical process as it evolved from the ancient Hermetic philosophy of Alexandria to become incorporated into the world view of the early Renaissance, and explain in detail the alchemical process outlined by the Tarot. Making use of number symbolism to make alchemical concepts accessible. The underlying pattern of the hero's quest will be illustrated from the single unity of the Monad to the cycle of twelve operations and back again. The class will continue with advanced Tarot reading practice designed to make alchemical transformation relevant in one’s life.

Robert M. Place is an internationally known visionary artist and illustrator, whose award winning works, in painting, sculpture, and jewelry, have been displayed in galleries and museums in America, Europe, and Japan and graced the covers and pages of numerous books and publications. He is the designer, illustrator, and co-author, with Rosemary Ellen Guiley, of: The Alchemical Tarot and The Angels Tarot, which are both published by HarperCollins and have received international acclaim. He is the designer, illustrator, and author of The Tarot of the Saints and The Buddha Tarot. And, he is the author of The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination, which Booklist has said, “may be the best book ever written on... the tarot.” Place is currently working on The Vampire Tarot, which will be published by St. Martins Press in 2007.
Robert is recognized as an expert on Western Mysticism, the history of the Tarot, and as a gifted teacher of divination. He has taught and lectured at the New York Open Center, Omega Institute, The New York Tarot School, and the World Tarot Congress. He and his work have appeared on Discovery, The Learning Channel, and A&E.
Robert M. Place

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