Dr. Mansoor Mirza
VI - Amanti/Lovers

Dr.Mansoor Mirza,38 yrs old, graduated in homoeopathic medicine and philosophy, attended a 9 month intensive yoga teachers programme at the yoga institute awarded by becoming a yoga teacher and has also done courses on Clinical hypnotherapy, Past life Regression ,Spirit Release ,Foreign Energy dynamics, Energy –therapy-crystal therapy-chakra therapy – light work and visualisation to cause metamorphosis in an individually-heal holistically. Having done a few courses on tarot cards he fell in love with this divination tool. He uses to all this knowledge to help himself , to evolve, help his patients heal and all others around him as well, spreading goodwill cheer, peace and love. Besides he loves traveling ,learning new therapies ,teaching ,swimming, movies.. ,..food,…to enjoy every moment of life. He lives with his parents, is married since 10 yrs and blessed with a wonderful wife and daughter who is currently 2 and a half  years old .


This card shows a  Sufi dervish swirling and getting into a trance and becoming one with the divine (beloved) so that the lover and the beloved are the same , A cosmic-divine union  which transcends from the earthly union –selfless –merging away of the ego, and all boundaries to become one with ONE  -A state of ultimate bliss !

The moths are also rushing towards the flame –light knowing very well that they will be annihilated to become one with the flame (light). The colours from the bottom (Base) to the top (Crown)  represent the seven main charkas (energy centers in the body) starting from red –orange –yellow, green, blue, indigo-violent-As the Sufi starts swirling meditation first his contact with the ground-is enhanced ,but slowly and surely it lessens to transcend to a point of no contact-all immersion in the universal love and light .That’s divine love without any attachment ,ceaselessly ceasing to become nothing !-ALL FOR LOVE !

For the great sufi teacher and poet Rumi ,love is the only force that can transcend the bounds of reason,the distinctions of knowledge and the isolation of normal consciousness. Love he experienced was not only sensual pleasure, it might be fully described as love for all things ,for creation itself, Love is a continually expanding capacity that culminates in certainty, in the recognition that there is nothing in this world or the next that is not both loved and loving.


There is no salvation for the soul

But to fall in love,

It has to creep and crawl,

Among the Lovers first.


Only Lovers can escape ,

From these two worlds,

This was written in creation.


Only from the heart you can reach the sky

The rose of glory

Can only be raised in the Heart.

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